10 Jan 2015



PAINTING: I started selling commissioned work in 2003, but since then have slowed down on commissions to focus on my vision and sell self inspired work. I work primarily with acrylic on canvas. I enjoy painting because of the quick results and instant satisfaction. My mood drives my subject matter and often switches between humor, romance and life values.

MURALS: My first ‘mural’ was painted in the Dillingham High School hallway in 2001 based off of school spirit that our principal asked me to paint. My first public mural was in 2005 and first community mural project in 2007. Since then I have completed about 1 mural a year. I have murals/community murals in Dillingham, New Stu, Juneau, Anchorage, Bethel and Igiugig

salmonSaxIt is still something that I’m experimenting with and so far subjects have been based on culture and landscape, but I’d like to push my boundaries with style and composition in the near future. I’ve also yet to work with professional muralists and hope to gain insight and training to improve.

TEE SHIRTS: Tee shirt designing was something that started in 2006 for laughs. My first shirt design was poking fun of Dillingham with our youthful and rebellious nickname, D-Hole. Since then it has evolved to share the light hearted personality and humor of our region. Although every now and then my rebel pops out and I showcase my screw pebble design that I came up with in college.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: I took graphic design at Fort Lewis College and occasionally take on commissions for logo design. It’s more of a hobby since I’ve decided to follow my heart through painting.