28 Feb 2015



Artwork from Bristol Bay, Alaska. Made from walrus ivory, whale bone, mammoth ivory and baleen found beach combing or from traditional native harvest.

Everett Thompson was born Feb. 12, 1976 in Anchorage, AK at the old ANS(Alaska Native Medical Center). Everett grew up in Naknek, AK located in Bristol Bay, Salmon capital of the world.



Everett has fished commercially and subsistance since he was a small child and fished his first full commercial season in Egegik at age 7. Since then he hasn’t missed a fishing season in the Bay and doesn’t plan to.

He started carving at a young age with his father Richard and has continued the art with the inspiration of many other artists, too many to list but is very thankful for a local Artist of Naknek, Fred Anderson. He always encouraged him to continue creating artwork.

Everett started fishing without family members at age 13, in 1989 he bought his own skiff and hired his own crew fishing set netting from South Naknek to the West Side of the Kvichak.

After graduating from Bristol Bay Borough High School Everett attended the Institute of Alaskan Native and American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, NM(IAIA)

At age 21, 1997 he got his own Drift permit and has been drifting ever since. Starting on older boats he has recently gotten a newer flush deck fishing vessel with RSW and pays attention to quality and hard work/perseverance.

Through his art he is able to express the importance of natural resources and the respect he has for sustainability. He is a huge proponent of our fisheries and is an opponent of threats to the ecosystem in Bristol Bay. “Fish are the main reason we have inhabited this region for thousands of years and we only walk this earth for a short time”. His views are that oil and gas development and mining in such a productive ecosystem threatens the sustainability of Bristol Bay and its inhabitants.

Everett is a Tribal Member of the Naknek Native Village and is a native shareholder of BBNC, APC, Levelock Limited and Paugvik.

Most of his medium is either from beach combing or traditional harvest.


-Best of Show, 2000 Idirarod
-2nd Place, 3 dimensional 00′ Iditarod
-Best of Show All Alaskan Native Juried Art Show/Heritage Center 03″
-Art displayed at Peabody Essex Museum in past