Traditional Art

Alaska Native.Life is looking for traditional art, preferably in time-honored methods or techniques that are both one of kind and authentic.


Traditional art items will be sold either online at or in the Mission Lodge Gift shop.

Website sales:

Artists will send high-resolution images of items for sale along with net pricing (Alaska Native.Life will add commission fees).  Customers will pay for items directly through the web site, artist will be contacted, paid and required to send artwork directly to customer in a timely manner.

Gift Shop:

Artists interested in putting traditional art items in the Gift Shop can fill out the form below and upload send high resolution photos of the items or email them to Due to limited space only a small selection of artwork will be sold directly at the lodge. Smaller items such as ivory, jewelry, carvings and furs will be featured in the Gift Shop and in locked display cases throughout the lodge. Prints will be displayed throughout the common areas for sale in a visually appealing manner with the name of the artist and price displayed with them. Bristol Bay Mission Lodge will insure artwork displayed in common areas against any damages, loss or theft for its value.

Payment for artwork distributed to Mission Lodge will be paid on a consignment basis. All items will be inventoried and once sold will be paid to the artist via wire transfer on a monthly basis. Artist will be provided with an inventory report on a monthly basis.

PLEASE fill out the form below for consideration and to be a FEATURED ARTIST on this website.

PAW by Katie Schoeder 2015